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  • Question: Can You Download Mspy For Free?
  • Answer:  I wasn’t able to find a genuine free download of Mspy  software anywhere.   I have looked at many websites. Don’t get scammed by the promise of a Free Version of Mspy Download.  Sites that are offering it free are mostly giving you a download file containing spyware or viruses. (See my answer to this problem below).

I hope that my information on this Mspy Free Download website will help in some way with your search for the ideal cell phone spy software.

Why I Did I Need A Mobile Phone Spy Software Download?

If you’re read the about me section on this website you will know that I run my own business with delivery drivers.

How My Worries Began  – The problem I had was I couldn’t always work out whereabouts  my drivers, where or what they were doing.  They could have been in a bar having a drink for all I knew (luckily none of them were!).

You probably have a different problem, like needing to know where your children are and what they are doing…

Basically all these problems have the one solution – install cell phone spying software.


And so that’s when my search began –  First of all I searched for weeks for a free downloadable cell Spy Software that I could install. Finally I did find one but unfortunately it was packed with viruses and didn’t work properly. It kept on trying to access my computer files. The worst part of  all was the downloaded cell spy only worked on and off and the data wasn’t at all accurate.   You obviously cannot question anyone about what you have found out if the data isn’t reliable.

My warning is don’t  download spy software FREE as it probably won’t work and you might be plagued by viruses and other computer issues.

The conclusion  – don’t waste time messing around, just get one that works straight away.

“Mspy Is A fantastic Mobile Spy Software Download. It Has Helped Me Keep A Track Of  Employees.  Running my Business  Would Now Be Very Tough For Me Without Mspy.”

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